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As executor of the will, you have significant responsibilities and potential liabilities. Why not let Castle Protection carry that burden?


Highlights of what we cover.

Register the death and locate the will document

Obtain a Grant of Probate from the courts

Sell and/or pass on property as the will instructs

Professional and compassionate advice/support

The payment of any inheritance tax

Full estate accounts showing all actions

The cost of Castle Estate Administration service is:

3% of the overall estate value
(or a minimum of £1500), exclusive of VAT.

This is a fixed fee and is not subject to change.

Why use a professional?

Your estate is everything that you own; your home, any money, all your possessions, any accounts or policies. These are classed as your assets and have to go somewhere when you die. By writing a will you can determine exactly which of your assets go where. There therefore needs to be someone to supervise the distribution of your assets. This person is known as the “executor” and ensure the right people receive what’s owed to them.

You can choose whoever you like to be the executor of your estate, and a lot of people often select a family member or close friend. This however, may not necessarily be best thing to do.

Looking after an estate can be a time-consuming process, as well as mentally and emotionally exhausting. There are many laws to consider and several individuals/organisations to contact before the estate can be settled successfully. But worst of all, estate management is a task made especially difficult by the emotional baggage that accompanies it. Many family-appointed executors find handling a deceased person’s estate intensely problematic, especially if they were particularly close to the individual in question. This is where a professional service can help.

Castle Protection can step in to act as administrators of your estate, leaving your loved ones to support one another whilst we handle the distribution of assets, tax issues and all legal matters.

Struggling as an Executor?

Have you been chosen as an executor on a will, and are finding it difficult in knowing how to proceed? Well keep calm, help is available.

Many people who accept the responsibility of acting as the executor of a friend or a loved one's will are not fully aware of what is involved in the process.

If you are stuck, you can enlist the assistance of our professional estate administration service. Together we can ensure that the will you are responsible for is executed correctly and efficiently.

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